Forming Set with Creased Corners

Represents fully the absolute performance.
With these formats you can create a pack with the square bottom entry of the product in a round. This translates into high productivity and performance.

The edge is marked so perfect and shows no defect in appearance, so much so that sometimes the corners are mounted on oval or rectangular formats radius.

With the same equipment can be the same band also create packaging for pillow bag and rounded corners.
The characteristics are the same of round forming sets.

MD-C15 is used more in cases where the available space in height is very small.
MD-C32 is ideal for most types of films.
MD-SPC385 The footprint of the mantle is contained both in height and in depth.
MD-D45 is used more in aluminates films.
MD-C27 is ideal for films that are difficult machinability
MD-C130 Also known as positive, which is used when the film is purely paper.


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