The accessories are the key to a good end result. With the successful implementation of these details you can increase in practical terms the provision of equipment.

For example, a good unclogging-device projected as the product that you should pack allows you to have great success in the speed of the packaging machine.

Additional accessories can be:

  • Collars with special inclination
  • Unclogging-device predisposition to any format
  • zip predisposition pre-applied or applied to any format
  • setting switch labels
  • Switching valves type Goglio on all types of formats both internal and external
  • Funnels and hoppers of any shape and dimension
  • Gas or liquid injection of any shape and size
  • Device for extracting air
  • Rollers set in collar for entry into tangency of the film
  • Teflon treatments
  • Spreaders fixed with screws or bayonet
  • Double chambers for insulation and/or suction
  • Film-guide system on entry of collar